08-11-2016  Week Note VII – Prototype

Aligned with the goal of nurturing my skills in programming trying to challenge myself with javascript developing, I finished this project using the Google Maps API to build a tool that supports the communication between the governemnt and its citizens, and ultimately builds on civis engagement.

Unlike conventional online maps, my prototype uses open data sets freely accessible through as well as custom data sets to create a network of informational layers that help negotiate space, permission and interest within the public sphere of Copenhagen. A set of buttons categorise the various information available to populate the map with relational data.

Particularly, targeting people who are willing to contribute to the public sphere, the prototype is envisioned as a digital tool provided by the Københavns Kommune. It is supposed to reduce the barrier of bureaucracy by delivering necessary contact details, and at the same time to facilitate event data piblished by existing interest groups and networks that already activate places within the city of Copenhagen.

Missing permission data can be requested as well as visions for the city proposed through a social platform, both used as build-in-feedback loop to continuously add-on to the map.

Check the Prototype here