01-11-2016  Week Note VI – Concept Directions

Following up on occurring questions during research, designing a collection of posters was one way to think and speculate upon the various directions this project could manifest itself. In order to reside a little longer at an open stage I took the ideas further into a phase of quick video prototyping. Four short clips were produced that portray the theme of communication between citizens and government in four different situations touching upon unconventional realities. While having already a rather clear picture for the final concept in mind, it was interesting to challenge the various contexts the physical space can be layered with information by individuals or official institutions administrating in favour of informed citizenship.

Soundcloud x
Sound and music essentially create atmosphere, transmit a mood into physical space. This video illustrates how place specific information can be mixed with DJ sets on Soundcloud. The music selection is matched with your geolocation to further cue in insights about the administrative situation of certain places. Besides, amplifying your imagination Aabout the things you could do in the public realm, it also triggers explorative investigation.

AR x
We know the drill, a simple visualisation on how augmented reality can serve for place specific information. Direct contacts directly on the spot.

The idea touches upon the city as an interface envisioning bluetooth technology implemented in artefacts you would find in public. Automated radio shows, informational snippets fetching and presenting real time data about events happening on the spot.

Visionary Billboard
Upload your vision on your phone and spread the word. Speculating about different applications of billboards commonly used by the industry to boost consumerism. What if we don't care so much about profit and rather provide bold platforms for cultural visions? Since advertising is full of lies, yet colourful and shiny, how about changing this aesthetic – bringing the voice of the street on bigger stages.